► 1D SECRETS ◄ By Niall Horan

When we were sent this interview with Niall Horan by an awesome Sugarscaper our lives changed a bit. You might think we’re being over the top and maybe we are, it’s hard to tell - that’s how lost in the throes of excitement we are.

In the video with two ladies called Chrissie and Jane from Mix101.1, Niall stepped into the Cone of Silence to reveal secrets about his One Direction bandmates.

And GOOD GOD did he reveal some secrets; such has which member’s feet stink, who wears a pink thong and who the mummy’s boy is.

And if that’s not enough, once he stepped out of the cone a further SIX WHOLE MINUTES of hilarity ensued in which Nialler revealed that he DOES want to get rid of his blonde hair.

We’re not sure who we love more, Nailler or the two middle aged Aussie women. We would like him to say “arrrse” more often though. 

Resumiendo y traduciendo...

Louis: Sus pies APESTAN!
Harry: A veces, le gusta usar TANGAS!
Liam: Los chicos dicen que a el le gusta TAYLOR LAUTNER!
Zayn: Es un "nenito de mamá" :P
Todo dicho por Niall en el video, nada inventado por nosotros!